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Holiday Platform in Romania / Urlaub in Rumänien is a project of Red Frog Agenție S.R.L.

The “Urlaub in Rumänien” project is the largest German-language information platform on tourist offers in Romania as a travel destination. In 2023, around 4,500 posts on social media and our online presence reached over 60,000,0000 (60 million) people. The best single post reached 700,000 people.

Romania is characterised by its magnificent natural landscapes and rich history. In addition to the Danube, Romania offers diverse and breathtaking sceneries such as the scenically outstanding Carpathian Mountains, the Black Sea coast and the Danube Delta, which is characterised as the largest and best preserved European river delta. Diverse history and stories, as well as the warm hospitality of the Romanians make this country more than an insider tip for your holiday trip.

Travel brochure “Urlaub in Rumänien”

In cooperation with many partners, cities, DMOs and the HoReCa, a 60-page brochure about Romania as a travel destination was created in German and English for the ITB in Berlin 2024. This brochure is used throughout the year and is regularly updated and expanded. Further projects for regional, multilingual brochures and regional presentations (websites) are already being implemented.

Other multilingual projects such as Discover Brasov, Discover Sulina, Discover Valcea and UiR News currently offer a wide range of local information in up to ten (10) languages. Furthermore, current information on events, an overview of camping and camper sites and a lot of information about the regions, the history and traditions of Romania are offered.

This is Urlaub in Rumänien

Up to 8,500,000 (8.5 million) people reached via social media per month

More than 5,000 planned Facebook posts for the year 2024

Archive with full text search in all our Facebook posts of the last five (5) years on our internet presentation

Facebook posts with an average reach of 50,000 to 150,000 people. Individual posts (maximum value) of over 700,000 people reached with a single post on Facebook

Image database for the whole of Romania with more than 20,000 own and 5,000 partner images

Presentation at the Salzburg Europe Summit 2021

In September 2021, the project Holiday in Romania was presented together with our partner, the network of the German-speaking hospitality industry in Romania at the Europe Summit in Salzburg within the framework of the fourth dialogue “Mobility and Tourism without Open Borders?” by Cristian Macedonschi (Chairman of the association for the promotion of tourism “Smart City Brașov e.V”).


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